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Let us start with a few well known examples SQL MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL No-SQL Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, AmazonElastiCache, mongoDB What is SQL? SQL is an abbreviated version of “Structured Query Language” It is the core of RDBMS engines such as PostgreSQL, MySQL 4 key components of SQL: Structure Storage Scale Access Structure…

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Short Polling vs Long Polling vs WebSockets

Introduction We will explore the differences between Short Polling, Long Polling, and WebSockets, detailing how each method facilitates client-server communication, and discussing their respective efficiencies and potential use cases. Short Polling How it Works: The client repeatedly sends HTTP requests at regular intervals to a server to check for updates. This is like continually asking,…

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Introducing Microsoft Project

Introduction Microsoft Project helps a Project Manager in: Creating a New Plan Defining & visualizing Tasks & Dependencies Managing resource assignments Setting up Baseline(s) Tracking progress Managing cost and schedule variances Viewing & Reporting a Project status & health Helps to Plan (P) Do (D) Check (C) and Act (A) – PDCA … In this…

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